Carpet Stories


There you stand, toes tightly curled onto the dense upright yarn. Hues of burgundy, sand and umber accents weave intricately, forming mosaic patterns without beginnings or an end. You gaze on the scuffs of your mother’s woven land. And there you are, standing in yesterday’s blood. Untold.

Carpet Stories uncovers the LGBTQI narrative of bravery and courage. A multi-disciplinary work that empowers the authentic experiences of Middle Eastern Australians and refugees seeking liberation. Across the disciplines of spoken word, dance and music, vast narratives culminate into a thought-provoking performance.

The ‘Carpet Stories’ project is inspired by the ancient practice of ‘carpet weaving’ by nomadic Iranian tribes, whereby bazaar weavers and merchants would create elaborate patterns and designs that reveal a symbolic language that narrated a line of traditional stories that have been passed on from generation to generation.