“I was raised as a conservative Lebanese boy,
by two people who hated each other just enough to stay together and eatTabouli,
so you could say, I’ve mastered the art of making Tabouli”

Part sensory, part theatre show, Neighbours is a hilarious suburban  immersive experience. A new contemporary work of daring and true stories of a second-generation queer migrant, this participatory performance is deliciously balanced with enough humanity and humour to excite your appetite.

Neighbours is an ode to Australia’s diverse tapestry; combining poetry, dance and music in a powerful recipe that straddles the universal truths of marriage, coming of age, falling in love, faith and following one’s dream. 

Heart-warming stories of a little boy fromWestern-Sydney take refuge in a transformative space constructed from projections and sound to forge a colourful narrative. A combination of transcripts and poetic texts are whisked between the everyday of suburban life and the epic backdrop of the Australian dream, revealing the most tender aspects of our past, present and future.