[TECHNOTHEATRE] is a Neologism: a synchronic marriage of technology and theatre. The experience unpacks the architecture of theatre in the digital age; connecting interactive technology to spaces by developing a meaningful new currency. This highly immersive experience is designed for those curious in capitalising on technology in its nascent form today, and discovering the myriad of theatrical possibilities that connect and engage us in ways analogue methods of theatrical practice cannot.

In this experience, participants are invited to become explicit ‘technotheatre’ creators, using the invisible hand of technological power to create a narrative; a by-product of the experience to build worlds, characters and situations. Participants will experiment with digital modes of mediated self-dialogue, virtual reality, motion capture, projection and new response media technology. Throughout the workshop, participants will consider the qualities of three schemas – the fictional, the now and the imaginary – in particular their manifestation in developing potential narratives.